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2 adults, 2 young children injured in suspected drunk driving crash

Authorities say one woman and two children were seriously injured, with one man sustaining only minor injuries. All four were taken to the hospital.
Credit: Mitch Heidmann
A family of four all suffered injuries when their car was struck head on by a suspected drunk driver in Coon Rapids Saturday.

COON RAPIDS, Minn — Police say two adults and two children were injured - three of them seriously - after an alleged drunk driver lost control and skidded his truck into another vehicle, causing a four-vehicle crash in Coon Rapids Saturday. 

According to authorities, a 54-year-old driver in a Ram pickup truck was traveling eastbound along Main St. NW around 4 p.m. when he skidded across the median and slammed into a Toyota Camry. Inside that vehicle was a man, a woman and two young children, one of them four years old... the other only two.  

Two additional vehicles then became involved in the pileup. 

All those In the Camry except the male driver suffered serious injuries. Police credit a 29-year-old Champlain man for jumping from his damaged car to perform CPR on the critically injured two-year-old.

The woman in the Camry was taken to Mercy hospital, while the two children are being treated at Children's Hospital.   

The driver of the Ram truck was not injured, but is being held on probable cause DUI and Criminal Vehicular Operation, according to authorities. 

The occupants of the two other vehicles were also not injured.