MINNEAPOLIS — Reports of immigration raids in ten U.S. cities don't include Minneapolis, but that hasn't stopped people from calling the city's Office of Immigration and Refugee Affairs.

"[The raid reports] traumatize communities and it makes people afraid to go outside to conduct their normal lives," said Michelle Rivero, the office's director. 

Rivero says they've been getting a lot more calls ever since reports started circulating in June that thousands of undocumented immigrants would be detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. 

The June raids were delayed by President Trump, who tweeted that he wanted Congress to work out a compromise on immigration policy. 

Now, reports say the raids will happen Sunday. They'll reportedly target about 2,000 families, immigrants who are under court orders to leave the country. 

Rivero says most people contacting her office are seeking information.

"More than anything else, that is the number one ask," she said. 

Rivero connects those people with resources, including legal help. 

She was at a block party in the city's Nokomis community Saturday afternoon, spreading awareness of the office and the help they can provide. 

More information on the Minneapolis Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs can be found here