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Antisemitic flyers found in metro neighborhoods

The flyers, which perpetuate antisemitic stereotypes about Jewish people and media, were found in plastic bags weighed down by corn.

MINNEAPOLIS — Flyers spreading antisemitic stereotypes were reportedly found in multiple metro communities Monday morning, including neighborhoods in Hopkins, St. Louis Park and Minneapolis.

The message on the flyers plays into the trope that Jewish people control mass media, and includes multiple names and photos of Jewish CEOs and executives with a Star of David next to their names or on their faces.

The flyers, which were found in yards Monday morning, were placed in plastic bags and weighed down by corn.

Steve Hunegs, executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas, issued a statement condemning the antisemitic flyers, writing in part, “The Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas (JCRC) condemns the distribution of noxious propaganda fliers in neighborhoods across the Twin Cities metro area. Compounding this ugly antisemitism is the invasion of tranquil neighborhoods during the night."

“We hesitate to offer any public attention to these hateful provocateurs, which is what they seek," Hunegs added. "However, we wish to assure the community that there is no evidence of these fliers being associated with imminent violence and that we will continue tracking these distributions and are in close communication with our law enforcement partners."

St. Louis Park officials confirmed that police are investigating the incident and logging where the flyers were found. Anyone who found a flyer on their property can contact St. Louis Park police at 952-924-2618. Police also ask that any residents with video of people distributing the flyers contact the department.

St. Louis Park Mayor Jake Spano found one of the flyers on his lawn Monday morning. “I’ve been in contact with residents of multiple faiths today and I can tell you that whatever the people spreading these hateful messages think they are accomplishing in dividing people, it’s having the exact opposite effect," he said in a statement.

Credit: KARE 11
Flyer promoting antisemitic stereotypes found in Hopkins

This is a developing story. KARE 11 will provide more details as new information becomes available.

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