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Local connections helping women fight breast cancer

Firefly Sisterhood pairs Minnesota women who are fighting breast cancer with a volunteer peer mentor.

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — October is breast cancer awareness month… a time to let folks in the Twin Cities know about a local organization that is doing something amazing when it comes to fighting this disease one woman at a time. It’s a resource here in Minnesota unlike anything else in the country.

It’s called Firefly Sisterhood. For more than 5 years now the organization has been providing newly diagnosed breast cancer patients with a key element in their battle: guidance and knowledge from another woman who was once in their shoes. What’s even more amazing? Since its founding in 2014, Firefly Sisterhood has made 1,000 matches. That means 1,000 local women newly diagnosed with breast cancer have been matched with a woman who knows what they’re going through. These connections are impactful, important and potentially life-saving.

Kris Newcomer, Executive Director of the Founder of Firefly Sisterhood stopped by the KARE 11 studios to share more on the organization to spread the word to viewers, some of whom, may be dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis and in need of support from someone who knows what it’s like. 

Firefly Sisterhood pairs Minnesota women who are fighting breast cancer with a volunteer peer mentor (Guide) who has been through treatment, surgery, or reconstruction. Guides provide emotional support, insight, education and most importantly, hope, to women after they’ve heard those 4 devastating words: you have breast cancer.

Since its inception in 2014, Firefly Sisterhood has:

  • Grown from matching 73 woman in its first year to more than 1000 to date
  • Maintained a roster of more than 150 Guides who participate in ongoing training
  • Experienced 45% growth in requests for Guides
  • Served more than 1,500 women through matches, Guides, educational events and referrals.
  • Served 10% of Minnesota women fighting breast cancer
  • Grown from 2 hospital networks referring patients to referrals from ALL MN Hospitals
  • Facilitated referrals from all over the country

To learn more, go to www.fireflysisterhood.org