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Turn 'waste' into Halloween decor and costumes

You can save yourself money and help the planet this Halloween by getting creative and hitting up the thrift store.

ST PAUL, Minn. — Halloween is here and the holidays fall right on the heels. Minnesotans are a festive bunch and we love to entertain, decorate and exchange gifts with loved ones…but at what expense? According to Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, a typical Minnesotan between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day creates an additional 1 million tons a week to the nation's garbage piles. That is not Minnesota Nice! 

Arc's Value Village is a solution to the pollution! From repurposed costumes for less than $20 to holiday bakeware and festive fashions we have ideas on how to save money, save the planet, and save the meaning of the holidays! 

We invite you to our store and are available for an in-studio segment on "Watching Our Waste" this holiday season. Some ideas: 

• Repurposed costumes for less than $20. Why are we spending $45+ every year on new packaged costumes? 

• Holiday entertaining and bakeware. Why are we over-spending on new when slightly-used will do? Start circular inventory this year: buy party dishes used, use for the season, and donate it back December 30th for the tax incentive! 

• Festive fashions from our personal shoppers. Why are we over-spending on a new outfit for the office party? Our thrift stylists will put together an amazing cost-efficient look for you for less than $25. 

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