Nike is famous for its swoosh logo and its slogan, "Just Do It."

It is a message a University of Minnesota student took to heart. 

Taoheed Bayo, 21,competed in a Nike Challenge and won.  

Bayo's custom sneakers, Afro Yute, are available now through Nike's Cultivator program.

Bayo is one 37 guest designers. Nike selected people with a story to tell.

His version of the Air Max 1 sneaker allows him to shed light on his native home of Africa. 

"Afro Yute is a mixture of two state of minds of being African and being youth," Bayo said. "As an African, you have to find your own truth and find ways to connect back to your youth and heritage. A lot of things young Africans learn is through textbooks. You have to dig deeper than that. Go back home and help you rekindle a relationship back to your roots and ancestors."  

You can't buy these shoes in stores. They are only available online through November 11.

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