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'She's beautiful' | Lizzo approves of new Blizzo snowplow

The Minnesota Department of Transportation shared photos of the Metro District's newest plow, named in honor of Grammy-winner and former Twin Cities resident, Lizzo.
Credit: Minnesota Department of Transportation
Blizzo snowplow

MINNEAPOLIS — While winning an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar or Tony award is probably the peak of a professional artist's career, in Minnesota, you know you've really made it when a state-owned snowplow is named in your likeness.

In this year's Minnesota Department of Transportation "Name a Snowplow" contest, thousands of people voted to bestow that honor on the multi-Grammy winner and former Twin Cities resident, Lizzo.

In February, MnDOT announced "Blizzo" was one of eight winners selected from a field of 60 finalists to be emblazoned on a fleet of snowplows. Fellow 2023 winners include Clearopathtra, Blader Tot Hotdish, Better Call Salt, Sleetwood Mac, Scoop! There it is, Han Snowlo and Yer a Blizzard, Harry.

Surprise, surprise, Minnesotans living in MnDOT's Metro District were desperate to see Blizzo blowing up powder during our recent snow storms. You didn't miss anything, since the Blizzo plow wasn't in commission just yet.

On Thursday, MnDOT posted on Twitter that Blizzo's officially been welcomed to the plow pack.

Say it with me...

It's about damn time.

And it looks like Lizzo herself approves of her new sister in snow plowing. She quote-tweeted MnDOT's post minutes after it went out, writing "SHES BEAUTIFUL."

Following the news last month that Blizzo won the Name a Snowplow contest, Lizzo posted a video to celebrate

"Of all the awards I've received, this, by far is the highest honor," she said. "To know that there is a snowplow named Blizzo that is clearing the streets of the Twin Cities right now makes my heart melt... or freeze!"

Next question: Will we actually have the chance to see Blizzo in action this year?

Even though we're already two days into meteorological spring, seasoned Minnesotans know late-season snow could be lurking around the corner.

There's a chance for some snow Sunday night, but right now it's too early to tell if, or how much, plowable powder could hit the Twin Cities.

So the next time we get a significant storm, keep your eyes peeled for the Blizzo plow – while of course keeping an eye on the road.

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