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15-year-old already rocking the radio

Humble brag: A dad sends Jana an e-mail and it's sweeter than ice cream

A major ingredient of Breaking The News is the voices of our viewers.

Jana has been so honored to get several emails from some of those viewers who are, in her words, doing the humble brag.

They are writing to tell her how proud they are of their kid, parent, grandparent, cousin, neighbor, teacher…you NAME it.

And then they tell Jana why.

So it gave the BTN team an idea.

Why not tell a handful of stories that come in this way.

They may not be capital 'N' news – but hey, they are good news.

Story #1 :  A dad's humble brag about his singer songwriter daughter  with the bonus track of the dad sharing a video of the first time he heard his baby girl sing on the radio.