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Bitty Kitty Brigade helps nourish kittens when others can't

Yep, you can adopt these little angels when they’re finally big enough to go home.

There are fewer things cuter than itty bitty kitties. And, this is a story about those bitty kitties who need your help. They are the cats of the Bitty Kitty Brigade.

“We’re getting inquires daily. It’s a huge need,” says Mandy Dwyer.

Mandy along with Joan Barrett started Bitty Kitty Brigade in 2018. They noticed that animal rescues didn’t have the people power to take care of all the orphaned kittens that were coming in. Those cats need special care, bottle feeding every two hours, and some even live in incubators. They created a web of volunteers across the Twin Cities willing to fill the void.

“Each kitten has their own way they like to eat. Some like to hold your hand, some like to knead while they’re feeding, some like to stand, some like to lay down, so you get to know your kitten and what makes them comfortable pretty quickly,” says volunteer, Sam Jackson.

Currently there are a bunch of kitties running around Sam’s house. She’s even got one little guy in an incubator named, Dude.

“His mom was really, really sick and couldn’t care for him, and his siblings passed, so he’s the lone survivor,” she explains.

Dude is growing every day. But he wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for volunteers like Sam. Bitty Kitty Brigade has about 35 fosters and 60 volunteers right now, and they need more.

“It’s super rewarding knowing that without what you’re doing for them that they wouldn’t have made it at all, but also helping raise them. It’s rewarding to see them go to a family who are happy to have a new family member,” says Mandy.

Yep, you can adopt these little angels when they’re finally big enough to go home. Then you can find out for yourself how something so itty-bitty can create such a massive amount of love and fill a hole in your heart you didn’t even know you had.

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