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MN's only black owned comic book store celebrates black history 24/7

"This is a neat way of putting history in front of kids."

Inside Mind's Eye Comics, you'll find your favorite superhero. 

But the heroes featured in the graphic novels don't all wear capes and owner Eric Childs say that's intentional. 

"This is a neat way of putting history in front of kids," Childs said.

Childs is the owner of Minnesota's only black owned comic book shop.
It is located in Burnsville.

One  graphic novel for sale covers the life of James Brown. His biography  is told against the backdrop of a changing America duding the Civil Rights era of the 1960s.

"I want to make sure I keep graphic novels that cover black history," Childs said. "When you look at your typical academic setting when trying to introduce children to these types of topics they will reject it. The thing that is nice about comics is you tie in visual art with history so I try to exhibit those books."

Childs said he has loved comic books since childhood. He admires the stories and the characters. His favorite childhood superhero is Superman. 

A character with real life qualities held by men and women he admires who fought for civil rights.

"Superman chooses to be compassionate and  care for a bunch of people no matter what.  When we look through Civil Rights history, there are many super heroes," Childs said. "To risk everything for what is right. That is a superhero."

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