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Bullied no more, Molly Steffl has something to say

NBC featured a little girl on American Ninja Warrior a few weeks ago because they found her story so inspiring.

MINNEAPOLIS — When Molly Steffl was 5-years-old, the bullying began.

“Kids would get big buckets of sand and pour it in my hair was really stressing. And I can just remember my mom pulling little sand pieces out of my hair,” Molly said today, recalling the painful past of preschool. 

Yes, preschool.

Molly told Jana she was bullied early on because of how she looked.

“I have cleft lip and palette and kids thought I was different and that I was ugly probably the worst they would call me names and probably the worst was snake face,” Molly said.

In the years since, stress triggered a gene she had for Alopecia, and in just 5-weeks time at the age of nine, all of her hair fell out.

The bullying would come again. 

But so would a mission.

Here, is Molly’s story.

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