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COVID-19 delivers unexpected gift

Music video producer Steven "Phillyflyboy" Philip recently shared secrets to success with students from the Twin CIties.

Sheltering at home is giving some people the opportunity to learn some new skills through masterclasses. Everything from learning a new language or how to use Adobe.

But some students with dreams of breaking into the entertainment industry say COVID-19 has delivered an unexpected gift. They were able to participate in a masterclass with a popular Hollywood producer, Steve Phillip.

Phillip has shot and directed videos for Kendrick Lamar, T.I., Post Malone, J Cole and others.  

Phillip, known in the entertainment industry as Philly Flyboy,  spent a recent Friday sharing success secrets with students from the Twin Cities. One of his industry colleagues also shared gems.  

“Both of us are from Milwaukee. We are not from Hollywood,” Phillip said, underscoring he doesn’t have any family members in the industry giving him preferential treatment.

Steven offered tips on the best ways to network during COVID and how to get noticed.

“I want you guys to contact four to five people a week through LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. Be clear, concise and direct. Make sure your profile pics look nice and your post are appropriate,” Phillip said. “Look at people's pages. The info is there to start the conversation. You can make a conversation about what they are posting. Looking at their last three post.”

Anthony Brown, who wants to create documentaries and movies, was on that zoom call. Brown says the 90 minute session was the motivation he needed -- especially while out of work because of COVID 19.

“It is giving people like us the chance to speak with people at a higher caliber than us. Everybody is trying to help everybody right now,” Brown said. “Everyone is in need of help and people that can help are willing to help right now. COVID 19 is definitely pushing a help movement. I never would've had this opportunity. I am blessed and so grateful."

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