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Eagan High School to host virtual ‘Les Miserables’ performance

The show must go on, and the students at Eagan High School have worked to offer people a concert-style performance of Les Miserables that will be all online.

EAGAN, Minn. — Eagan High School does in fact have a musical this year (this one will be big online, theatre kids are very active on this) and it will air online.

The department and students knew they had to find a way to get a show on this fall.

They just had to. If schools could make sports work, darn it all they could get on stage.

So they decided to do the epic Les Misérables concert style!

That means they sing towards the audience (even though there wasn’t one) and away from each other. They kept a 12 foot distance in rehearsal, 6 feet for filming- yes filming. 

They did the show and student tech crews shot and edited it for a show you can see online if you buy a ticket starting Dec. 12.

We spoke to the lead in the show, Graham Zemke and the show’s musical director, Amy Jo Cherner.