MINNEAPOLIS — After a KARE 11 investigation and because of your feedback, changes are coming to the Target app. Watch the below video or if you're on the app, click here.

Target's mobile app can switch prices of certain products when you enter the parking lot.

We received hundreds of comments on the story mostly with people unaware and unhappy. 

If you allow Target to track your phone location, the app will switch certain prices from online to in-store. It will not clearly say it's doing so.

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Our test of 10 random items on the app, from vacuums to bottled water, went up $262 from the parking lot to inside the store. 

Now if you want an easy way to avoid this you can turn off your location tracking on the target app. 

In the app, click on your name icon in the bottom right of the screen and scroll down to “app settings.” Click “Location” and switch it to “Never.” This switch will no longer permit the app to see your geolocation, and in this setting the app will always show the online prices of products, even if you are standing inside the store.