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Local Giants fan offering home, rides to out-of-state visitors

All in exchange for a pair of tickets.

BROOKLYN PARK, Minn. — Jacob and Kahri Mayo's house isn't a split house for a lack of trying. Jacob, despite having a mom from Minnesota, is a Hudson, N.Y. native.

"I tried when I was younger, I really did," he said, recalling the time he tried to jump on the Minnesota Vikings bandwagon. But he said he couldn't, especially not after the 2001 NFC championship game, during which the Vikings took a terrible, terrible loss.

Jacob's wife, Kahri, on the other hand, has been a lifelong Vikings fan.

But the two are amiable. They love each other, and have been together for nine years — married for four. 

They make it a point to try to attend every Giants vs. Vikings games. 

Until this upcoming Sunday's game, which they didn't foresee.

"Giants win against the Colts, get their ticket to playoffs," Jacob said. "And then we watch, and see that the Packers beat the Vikings, and San Francisco is winning — everything is turning [in my head] — the Vikings would be the three seed...Giants six seed...Oh my God, they're going to play here."

So, Jacob decided to get creative. He made a proposition on a Giants fan page group on Facebook.

The post read:

"In the event the Giants face Vikings in playoffs

I am offering a barter. I will offer a place to stay in Minneapolis, you offer tickets to the game.

I live 9.5 miles from U.S. Bank Stadium. Today in 8 inches of snow, it's 26 minutes. 

My home has dogs and cats so consider that if you have allergies."

"It would be cheaper than a hotel, and Ubering around," Jacob justified.

Initially, the post was met with jokes. People called it a legitimately cool trade...but also worried for their safety staying in an internet strangers home.

"Like Jeffrey Dahmer jokes, because we're Midwest," Jacob laughed.
"People out (on the) East Coast don't understand that there's a big difference between Wisconsin and Minnesota. We're Minnesota Nice. Wisconsin is...Wisconsin."

But the Mayo's did get some nibbles here and there.

"The most serious offer was actually from a bunch of Vikings fans in Oregon. They had reached out and said, 'Hey, we're from Oregon, we'd love to come out to this game. We have six of us coming, and we'd give you four playoff tickets in exchange.'"

In the end, it just wasn't feasible.

"You can fit six people in this house, not comfortably by any means," Kahri said.

Both Jacob and Kahri are approaching this with a light heart. 

"It's one of those things, we kind of stick with a, 'If it's meant to be, it's meant to' be mentality," Jacob said.

"Plus, this happened so it's already pretty memorable in itself, in the very least, if we don't make it to the game, I made it on TV!" Kahri added.

At last check, the offer is still on the table. So if you're an out-of-state fan and are interested, let us know, we will put you in touch.

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