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Minneapolis ranked second-best U.S. city for Gen Z

Atlanta scored the highest in affordability, low unemployment and education, with 9.8% of its population consisting of 18- to 25-year-olds.

MINNEAPOLIS — When it comes to the best cities in the country for Generation Z — otherwise known as Zoomers — you may not have to look too far.

"One of the big selling points for Minneapolis is it's very affordable," said co-founder of "The Wilderness Fitness and Coworking," Addie Wales.

It's a space for anyone who may need a break from working at home, going into the office or just a creative looking for inspiration.

"An emphasis is on creating a healthy work environment and a fun place to work out," said co-founder Ben Wales. "We love Minneapolis, and Uptown in particular. Here, we have our co-working space, it's right off the Greenway, and there are a lot of coffeeshops nearby, a lot of fun bars and restaurants," said Addie.

A recent study by CommercialCafe, a real estate listing service owned by the data firm Yardi Matrix, ranked the best cities suited for people ages 18 to 25 — better known as Generation Z.

Atlanta, Georgia scored the highest in affordability, low unemployment and education, with 9.8% of Atlanta's population consisting of 18- to 25-year-olds.

Many are graduating or looking for their first jobs, and Minneapolis — just beating out Boston — has the third-highest percentage of Generation Zers in the country for its population.

Each of the 45 cities were scored on unemployment rates, internet speed, affordability, population of Gen Zers, recreational and dining establishments, education, and public transportation.

Overall, the study shows the majority of the best cities for this generation are concentrated in the Northeast, Midwest and Southwest.

"Seems like there are so many people that have so many family connections to Minnesota, and there's a lot of times there's a draw to move here — it's nice having different seasons," said Eric Eickhof, owner of Fulton Realty.

Eickhof says Fulton Realty serves a lot of millennials and Zoomers from day to day.

"We're a boutique residential, real estate firm located in the heart of Minneapolis," he said.

Eickhof says the parks and recreational spaces surrounding the city are an added bonus.

"The outdoor life is something we've seen on the rise since COVID," said Eickhof.

According to the study, Minneapolis' booming co-working scene makes it a great contender for telecommuters and freelancers.

"There's so much remote work and hybrid work, and there's a need for flexibility, [and] workspaces, and co-working fits into that — where's it's easy to have a space where you can be focused with your time and energy. It's also a great space to meet other like-minded people and form social connections that way, too," said Ben.

And whether it's a city with a small-town feel or a bustling metropolis, Gen Z has more flexibility than ever when it comes to where they choose to settle down. 

For a full list, visit the website here.

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