MINNEAPOLIS — This is a 360 camera.

It doesn't look like much, but it's pretty cool.

It has two fish eye lenses - one on each side - and what that means is that it can record video in every direction - 360 degrees.

So if I step away from the camera, it still sees me. I can walk all the way around it - and it's got me.

The camera isn't following me. It's staying in the same spot - I'm moving around it.

Let me show you on some more interesting video that I downloaded to my phone.

I gave this little camera to my friend Jeremy who runs a lot with his dogs. The 360 camera is on a stick in his hand.

I can stop the video at any point and look around the frame in 360 degrees - then play it again. I can make choices on where to look as the video plays - kind of like a movie director - then I can play the video as one long shot.

I took it to my hockey practice.

I took it running and got a great shot of Jan and her dog Zelda.

And the coolest - I had a couple kids, Liam and Charlie, take it out on the ski hill at Hyland Hills.

So cool!

I have so many ideas for where to take this camera, but I want your help, too.

Do you have a job, a hobby, a sport, whatever - let's make some cool video and show off your passion.

Send us your ideas on the KARE 11 Facebook page, or tweet at @janashortal using #MN360.