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Minnesota Lottery celebrates Ramsey retailer with $50,000 bonus check; winning ticket still unclaimed

The ticket purchased for the April 12 drawing that matched all 5 winning numbers and the Mega Ball to win the $110M jackpot was sold in Ramsey.

RAMSEY, Minn. — Ever dreamed of winning, let's say, a million dollars? 

Well, you're just like many of us going to our local lottery retailer — filling out a lottery ticket or just asking the clerk for a Quick Pick, dreaming of becoming America's next millionaire.

But for one lucky Minnesotan, it's a reality. 

"It's always fun when you get a big winner," said Erika Helvick-Anderson, with Minnesota Lottery.

The ticket purchased for the April 12, 2022 drawing that matched all 5 winning numbers and the Mega Ball to win the $110M jackpot was sold at a Holiday gas station at 14350 Xkimo St. in Ramsey.

"It is the first Mega Millions jackpot in the state," said Helvick-Anderson. "One of our lucky customers — undisclosed — purchased it from us, and every one here is excited. Nobody knows who it is yet, I don't believe, and we're excited to find out as well," said marketing manager, Christopher Grigsby.

This is Minnesota's first Mega Millions jackpot-winning ticket.

"On April 12th, 2022, something wonderful happened in this beautiful town of Ramsey," said David Blikke, state sales manager with Minnesota Lottery.

And for the lucky store that sold the winning ticket. 

"As a result of that, and the reason we are here, the MN Lottery would like to present Chris Grigsby, the marketing manager, and Kim Phatt, the general manager, with a check for $50,000 dollars," said Helvick-Anderson.

But the big question: Did anyone come forward to claim the big prize?

"We haven't heard from a winner, but we are really excited for them to reach out," said Helvick-Anderson. 

"We're all just really excited," said Kim Paff, store manager. "People were coming in asking us who is the winner, and we don't know."

According to the Minnesota Lottery, the total dollar amount for unclaimed prizes from last fiscal year was $10,968,007.

In Minnesota, unclaimed prize money is transferred to the state's general fund. And for those a little shy about coming forward, some states do require those who win to be publicly identified, while other states including Minnesota, do not.

"In Minnesota, the law just changed here, in 2021, and they are anonymous until they opt to do something differently," said Helvick-Anderson.

Overall, the odds of winning any prize are 1 in 24, according to Lottery USA. The odds of winning the Mega Millions jackpot are 1 in 302.6 million, while the odds of winning the Powerball jackpot are 1 in 292.2 million.

So, checking out those odds, dig in your clothing bins, pockets, and the hidden corners of your car, because there's still time to claim the prize.

"They have a full year to claim, so plenty of time," said Helvick-Anderson.

The Holiday Stationstores corporation will decide how the money is distributed within the company.

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