MINNEAPOLIS – In the days of memes, Twitter gags and Photoshop, a Minneapolis artist has distanced himself from the pack by taking his creative touch to the next level.

Remember the old trading card wax packs featuring movie and sports icons that included the beloved stick of gum?

Minneapolis artist Zack Wallenfang feels like the wax packs need a comeback, but this time with contemporary characters.

“When I started to do it I knew it had potential but I was never aiming for it to go viral or anything like that,” said Wallenfang.

Last fall, when he wasn’t punched in as a caricature artist at the mall, he decided to parody old Topps wax pack wrappers with characters from “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” “Mad Max,” “Mad Men,” and “Making A Murderer.”

“Part of the joke was making movies that would look believable as trading cards but would never be marketed to children,” he said.

Each picture is hand drawn, then inked and developed digitally. Every piece down to the original advertisements is spot on.

Since posting his work on his website and Instagram, the word is spreading.

“Within the last week, especially, things have come crashing down all at once,” he said.

Heavy Metal, Digital Spy, and Dangerous Minds and British magazine The Huck have written articles featuring his work.

“The Gimp reached out to me,” said Wallenfang.

That is the character, The Gimp. from the film “Pulp Fiction” who bought Wallenfang's prints for a convention.

“Ultimately I'd like to get a gallery show. I think once I can figure out who can print them on wax paper for me. I've only found one company so far and they aren't very good at responding,” he said.

While his art is taking off, Wallenfang is now trying the best way to sell them.