So, how prepared do you feel for retirement? Don't feel bad if you're not prepared at all. In fact, a new poll out today, from Associated Press NORC Center for Public Affairs, says one in four of us doesn't ever plan to retire. Yep...we’re just going keep on working until we keel over. Surprising? Not to Justin Halverson of Great Waters Financial.

"What really got me, was looking into why they wanted to work longer,” says Halverson.

For many, it’s the money, but that’s not everyone’s motivation.

“I think for some people, their identity is tied up in their work, and they're scared to let that go. And, I think there's a reality that we have to stay productive, we have to stay engaged mentally, physically, socially, even in retirement, and for some people staying at work is just their way of doing that. They're not working for the money, they're working because they want to,” he says.

Facts are, we live longer these days. The sooner you retire, the more cash you need to stash. For people who can afford to retire and still choose not to, Halverson says there’s one main reason.

“The biggest reason I see people not retiring is the cost of healthcare on the open market, and they may stick in the workplace until 65 just to get to Medicare and let their company plan carry them to that point,” Halverson says.

The Associated Press NORC Center for Public Affairs poll showed that about one-third of people closer to retirement age felt unprepared. When it came to younger adults, a whopping 56% of them said they feel unprepared. Let's face it, retirement is different now. Pension plans don't exist for most people and college debt is at an all-time high.

"The full burden of responsibility is on their shoulders, they're hearing that Social Security is underfunded, and so they certainly feel underprepared and unprepared, when it comes to this distant idea of retirement someday,” he says.

Overwhelming? You bet your sweet bippy it is! But, it's something you still got to face, so we have to at least try to plan.

"Even if you're one of the one in four who plan to keep working until the day you die, what if you can't? What if your health, what if the workforce just kicks you out for some reason? My recommendation would be still have a plan. Work forever if you can, but if you can't, know that you're still going to be okay,” says Halverson.