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Restaurant owner asks people to treat her staff with kindness

Fran Weber says she became fed up with the rudeness some customers have shown to her employees and asks people to be kind.

CRYSTAL, Minn. — Milton's Vittles, Vino and Beer in Crystal is a neighborhood kind of place.

"It's my baby, it's my restaurant," owner Fran Weber said on Wednesday. She said she's had the restaurant for seven years. During those years, she's put love into her food and the neighborhood.

"We kind of did it because we like to cook and eat," she said. "It's in our community too. There's nothing in this area, and wanting to support the community. I'll always work, I don't see myself retiring."

The pandemic has challenged them to get used to so many different things. Masks, outdoor patio dining and sanitizing - they've gotten used to it all. However, something took them by surprise.

"We're just experiencing extreme rudeness," Weber said. "[Customers] expecting things to be status quo - whatever that is for them - obviously not abiding by or even paying attention to anybody else with the way they're exposing themselves. Coming up and walking around, turning their backs on my staff because they're upset because some things are not on the menu."

Weber explained that it's been days of emotional hardship on her staff so she decided to make a Facebook video to address the very issue. She asked people to please, be kind to her employees.

"I'm just going to flat out tell you," Weber said in the video. "If you can't check yourself when you go out anywhere and be nice to people these days, maybe you need to think about staying at home."

Weber said she wanted to make it clear that she is not willing to tolerate disrespect to anyone inside her restaurant.

"I just got fed up with the rudeness of these people," she said. "It's totally uncalled for. If we can have a smile on our face, if a business can have a smile on their face - if they have their doors open and they're trying their best to be here for when all is said and done, you know, people need to realize that. We know they're going through what they're going through too. It's cliche to say but we're all in it together."

She said she does not regret posting the video at all.

"If it gets people to say, I have to self-check myself before I go in anywhere, then I'd be happy with that," she said.


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