The History Theatre will debut 'Sisters of Peace.' 

It's a play about four sisters who have advocated for peace for well over a half century.

LINK: Sisters of Peace at History Theatre

Kate, Rita, Brigid and Jane are the Sisters of Peace.

For 20 years, every Wednesday, they have been part of a small group, protesting war on the Lake Street and Marshall Avenue Bridge.

Here's some information from the History Theatre:

"Today, yesterday & beyond. Wednesday nights on the Lake Street Bridge, you can always find a handful of people marching with colorful signs and protesting for peace. Among them, you’d find the McDonald sisters Brigid, Jane, Rita and Kate: legendary peace activists, who grew up as sisters in a large Irish farm family in Hollywood Township, Minnesota. The four sisters all entered the convent and became Catholic nuns who devoted their lives to teaching and peace activism. That’s only part of the story. Their incredible lives come to life in this stirring play that take us on a journey from the security gates of Honeywell Corporation, to the School of the Americas and back to the steps of the Cathedral of St. Paul. Wherever there is injustice, the chances of bumping into the McDonald sisters are high. "