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Mayor for hire: Small town seeks mayor after no one ran for office

Whalan, Minnesota is a town of just 67 people, and it's in need of a mayor after nobody chose to run for office.

WHALAN, Minn. — Sixty-three people called Whalan, Minnesota home the last time the population sign went up. These days, a population boom lands them at 67.

"It's a beautiful small town," said Michele Peterson with the City of Whalan.

Indeed. The only thing missing?

"When I put out the notice to file for office, we had two people file for council seats but we did not have anybody file for our mayor position," Peterson said.

Yep, last election, no one ran for mayor, so they moved to the write-in candidates.

"There were several write-ins," Peterson said. "When I contacted the three that had gotten the three highest amounts, none of them were willing to accept the nomination."

So that left Whalan with one last option — post the job opening.

The job pays $150 a month and they'll just have to go to two meetings. That's it. No police or fire department to oversee, no school board, just two city blocks and one main street.

Weeks after the post, not one of the 67 residents have applied.

"Everybody is busy nowadays," Peterson said. "So to add another layer to it, I get is a lot — but I wish I knew why."

But nobody has yet to step forward.

"You know you can make a difference, be part of that making a difference, be part of growing that community and making it successful and long-lasting," Peterson said.

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