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Antiques and 'Stranger Things': Here's the unlikely story behind that movie shoot in Jordan, Minn.

A production crew found an ideal location for a movie scene featuring actor Joe Keery. The owner initially wanted no part of it. She's glad she changed her mind.

JORDAN, Minnesota — For a couple weeks now, a movie production featuring actor Joe Keery has been a trending topic in Minnesota. The "Stranger Things" star has attracted big crowds — and big business — for a few small towns chosen for shooting locations.

Several hundred fans of Keery packed sidewalks — and local stores — in Jordan on Monday looking for a glimpse of the actor while also trying to escape record heat.

"It's hot, so we've got our sunscreen, we've got an umbrella, we're good to go," said Gretchen Graham, who drove her daughter, Alaina, and her friend, Delaney Meyer, to town from Prior Lake.

"We're really big fans of 'Stranger Things,'" Alaina said.

Very few in town knew much about the movie itself, reportedly titled "Marmelade", but it just added to the intrigue for many.

"I think it's really cool that they chose this town in Minnesota, out of all places, it was like, really cool," said Vivian Nguyen, who came from Eagan on Monday morning to check out the shoot. "They were in this car and they were filming the shots over and over, and we could see them run inside to that building."

Water Street Antiques is the building Nguyen, and everyone else, was fixated on. But the owner of the business that was central to the shoot, nearly nixed the whole thing.

"Somebody decided that this would be a good place to film a movie," said Kathy Lapic, owner of Water Street Antiques. "However I did not."

Lapic says she was concerned that an initial contract for the shoot would have taken a toll on the dealers that share her building.

"I was not going to cut off their income for five days," she said, "So I turned it down."

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And the promise of a movie star entering her store didn't originally have much of an impact.

"When they told me, sent me pictures (of Joe Keery) I had no idea," she said. "I've not had TV for 13 years."

Lapic says she suggested the crew try another location, but they countered with a more appealing offer. They would tie up her store for just one day, in one corner of the building.

So, what's so special about that corner?

"I never did find out why that was," Lapic said. "There is a window, an outdoor window back there, but they were reluctant to explain a lot of things to me. I think that was intentional."

Lapic, who doesn't even like to be photographed, was fine with the secrecy and she later developed a soft spot for Keery as well.

"He was kind of looking at the stuff that we have in here and was kind of interested in buying some things, so I asked him if I could get an autograph for my great-granddaughter," she said. "He very graciously gave that to me."

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Keery also signed items for dozens of fans who braved the heat, including Alaina and Delaney.

"I'm so excited that I'm just shaking," Delaney said.

"I'm going to frame it, display it," Alaina said. "Make sure I can see it every single day."

Jasmine Resendiz, who lives in Jordan, also went home with several autographs. 

"I was here at like 4 a.m.," she said. "It's so cool to see him up close like that, and especially since he's filming in our small little town that's not really that recognized. That's pretty cool."

Despite missing out on the big crowds due to the movie shoot. Kathy Lapic says the cast and crew purchased several hundred dollars worth of antiques, and on Tuesday she had at least 20 customers who told her they stopped in because Joe Keery had been there.

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