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Twin sisters remind the world to 'Just Breathe'

The seven-year-old twins from Eden Prairie are sharing hope with their online videos.

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — Sometimes, it just makes sense, to listen to the youngest among us.

"Take time to just breathe. Close your eyes do whatever to make you feel perfect. Breathe in, and out."

Minnesota twins, Eden Prairie to be exact, Hadley and Elena Hayes aren't waiting for us to exhale, they are making videos, asking us to do it with them.

"So the videos that we are making, so we kind of want people to know that we care about them and that we are in this together and stuff," Hadley said.

"I have the same idea as her," Elena agreed.

On point twins response there.

But back to to the breath: is there a special way to breathe?

"Kinda, yeah, some ways you breathe the same some ways different," Elena said.

"Like some breathing ways you breathe deeply and sometimes you just breathe normal, like we are right now. And sometimes you breathe happiness."

Maybe it's just the time we're in, but I've got to tell you, hearing two sevem-year-olds tell me to inhale some stress and exhale a smile was the best medicine I could find right now.

"Like you breathe happiness when you are like smiling and laughter and then it can send to other people and then it makes them happy," Elena said.

Untouched by any motivation other than wanting you to let go in tiny moments, in and out, when you can.

Watch the Hayes sisters on YouTube:

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