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Variety of businesses decide to move forward in different ways after state mask mandate lifted

Many businesses have varying policies on how to move forward with masks.

HOPKINS, Minn. — Variety is the spice of life they say, and that truly is the case in Hopkins on Main Street.

It's got all sorts of businesses and with that, varying policies on how to move forward with masks.

Business has been pretty good at Amy's Cupcake Shoppe, even throughout the pandemic.

Front house manager Josie Sandford said despite the state dropping the mask mandate, they will not be.

"We think it's still super important to keep our masks on," Sandford said. "I know that the goal is for 70% of all vaccinated people, and we're not at that goal yet. So we're planning on ensuring that all of our customers keep our masks on as well as all of our staff."

Sandford said it's also just easier not to open themselves up to a game of trust.

"It gets kind of hard, because you want to trust that people are actually vaccinated of course," she explained. "But it would be so hard to be like hey show your vaccination card every time you come in. I know you want to trust people but it's just better off to be safe than sorry."

Down the block though, Mill city sound is...spinning a different tune. Owner Rob Scheeley said he took down the mask mandate signs from his door just this morning.

"Yeah we listened to the gov yesterday and his advice and stuff with the CDC with this, we basically complied with the office," he said. "If somebody wants to wear a mask, they can wear a mask, they don't have to wear a mask."

He said he's pretty glad about the mandate disappearing.

"I love it," he said. "If you notice, I don't have a mask on. When I heard the news, I went alright! And the reason being is because for me, it's kind of like it's a chance to kind of hope that things are getting back to normal. We all want normal so bad."

The folks at LTD brewing company are also kind of reading the CDC tea leaves.

"We're optimistically excited that this is a really good thing and again we're just hoping that they know a lot better than us," Owner and Head Brewer Blake Verdon said.

He added that if the City of Hopkins came down with its own mandate, they will comply. However, until then, he said they will follow CDC rules.

"Strongly encourage people that are not vaccinated to wear their masks as well as employees to wear their masks, but we're not going to require it," he said.

"It's all come really quick, and we're just again trying to look to the CDC as providing the best guidance along with the state," Verdon added. "If they feel comfortable lifting, it and we're going off of their word, that's what we're doing."

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