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Wisconsin observation tower gets new life, brings new joy to many

The Eagle Tower was first built in 1914.

FISH CREEK, Wis. — A tower that was built in Wisconsin back in 1914 is making news again in 2021. 

Eagle Tower in Fish Creek, Wisconsin sits outside of Green bay and offers stunning views for everyone.

No amount of money will buy you a view like the one you see from the top of the Eagle tower in Fish Creek.

So instead, in Door County Wisconsin, they're giving it away free.

"The top of the tower overlooks the bay of Green Bay, it's part of, obviously, Lake Michigan, overlooking Ephraim to one side. Some of the islands out on the lake to the far side would be Michigan," Wisconsin DNR's Jennifer Berkholz said. 

A slice of Wisconsin and a little bit of Michigan for all—of all abilities. 

"It provides a chance for people who normally didn't have an opportunity to get to the top of the tower to get there," Berkholz explained. "Whether it's people in an accessible device, a wheelchair, a mobile device, some sort of strollers with children, small little legs, trying to get up stairs is kind of complicated."

The Eagle Bluff Observation tower used to be 75 feet tall. All stairs.

When they redid the crowd favorite attraction, they made sure that everyone could get to the very top by building a ramp.

"We're visiting from Chicago and I was biking in the park yesterday and just happened to come across the project and I thought it would be—first of all, it looks really cool just being among the treetops, and it would be a good place to take my mom," Marysa Leya said.

"Oh it's great, and the ramp is awesome," Leya's mother Christina chimed in.

Instead of being hard on the knees, the tower is now easy on the eyes. With a ramp that takes visitors through a treetop canopy.

It was also a welcome surprise for people like Cathy Kaiser.

"I was kind of shocked and surprised and amazed, it's quite a structure," Kaiser said. She added that she had climbed the tower's stairs years ago for what she thought was the last time.

"I knew I'd never be able to make it to the top," she said. "Too many stairs, I'm not so good at stair climbing anymore. So when I drove up this week and saw this structure, [I said,] 'I can do the ramp, let me give it a try.'"

And after a stroll through the trees, Kaiser was able to once again stand and recreate a cherished moment from years past. She took a photo in the very same corner of the tower before it was rebuilt.

The new Eagle tower may be made of laminated wood, held together by bolts.

However, its foundation is built upon memories, both new and old.

"Just grateful that there's a spot like this here and more people would come to enjoy it," Leya said. 

A total of $750,000 went into building this new tower...it was all raised by Friends of Peninsula Park.

For more information on the tower, you can find it on the Wisconsin DNR's website.

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