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Breonna Taylor decision sparks conversation in the Black community

Local women of color react to Wednesday's Breonna Taylor decision.

MINNEAPOLIS — It's hard to hear the word justice and think about Breonna Taylor. For so many, particularly young Black women, Wednesday's decision was just the opposite of that or even worse.

"Sadly, there was a part of me that expected the outcome that we saw, and that breaks my heart to have to admit that," says Audra Robinson, the owner of Rocky Robinson. 

Audra Robinson's company – Rocky Robinson – sells products encouraging young Black women to be themselves. In a time when so many young Black girls look at reports of yet another Black woman killed at the hands of police.

"The verdict and the current state of the outcome is very disheartening," says Keeya Allen, with Project Diva. 

Allen says her organization is switching the narrative, teaching young Black girls that they are loved, and protected.

"It is our desire that they own who they are every step of the way and they know that they matter every step of the way," says Allen. 

But the question remains. 

How do you move forward after seeing images of Atatiana Jefferson, killed in Texas and Breonna Taylor – both in the comfort of their homes, both killed at the hands of people meant to serve and protect.

"I took a moment to imagine what it would be like to be Taylor's mother, who gave birth to this girl and you have so many dreams for your children and loved ones," says Robinson. 

Just like the Rocky Robinson character, Audra created from love, encouraging young Black women to be their best. "Until we see the humanity in each other, we are going to have to keep fighting," says Robinson.

She's hoping Breonna's image and name continues to inspire the next generation to spark change.

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