MINNEAPOLIS - On Aug. 1, 2007 the heavily-used Interstate 35W bridge collapsed, sending concrete and rebar, vehicles and the people inside them plunging into the Mississippi River. Thirteen people lost their lives and 145 were injured, some of them critically.

On the 10-year anniversary of this life-changing event, KARE 11 is checking in with some of those whose lives changed forever that day. We asked each of them three questions.

Here are the answers, in their own words.

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Tina Hickman

Where were you when the bridge collapsed?

Due to retrograde amnesia, I have no memory from Aug. 1, 2007- Aug. 29, 2007. I was on my way from Maplewood to Bloomington to attend a book club with my girlfriends that afternoon. It is my understanding that my car fell off the "skateboard ramp" on the north side of the bridge and landed near the river's edge.

How did it impact your life?

The biggest impact on my life is that my son, Jackson, was born that day. With God's help and great doctor's work, Jackson was successfully delivered via emergency C-section at HCMC.

I suffered a TBI and spent 6 1/2 weeks in the hospital. However, after Aug. 29, I rebounded quickly and finally went home mid-September. I had to take the year off from my job to recover as I suffered from migraines, vertigo, and some other neurological difficulties.

And where are you now? (physically and emotionally)

Ten years after the bridge collapse, my family is doing well. As always, we focus on Aug. 1 as Jackson Hickman's birthday rather than the day Tina Hickman was involved in the 35W bridge collapse. And that focus continues today. Jackson is turning double digits and we're excited to see what the next 10 years will bring!