MOORESVILLE, N.C. -- Last week, a Mooresville restaurant grabbed a lot of praise and criticism after it banned children five years of age and younger from banning there.

Now business is booming, as it has been a busy week for Caruso's in Mooresville. It turns out, a kids-free night is what the customers ordered.

"Our dinner was excellent," says Cindy, one of the customers.

Jan Roelker says it was a pleasure to grab dinner at the kids-free restaurant.

Caruso's, an upscale Italian restaurant, is getting rave reviews from customers now that children must stay away. More and more adults are coming out to play.

"This will make us come back again," Roelker says. "Absolutely."

"I wouldn't stop coming here," says another customer Rich Davis. "But this just makes sure that when we come here, we're going to get the dining experience that we pay for.

The restaurant instituted the "no children under five" policy months ago, but since our story last week, the restaurant has seen its share of new faces. The restaurant felt a 50 percent boost to the business.

"Our clientele has definitely increased and we just encourage people to come out and experience our restaurant more," says Krystlle Caparko, hostess.

"Things like this should be reserved for adults and not people with stollers and kids who are whining on and on," says Roelker.

While the restaurant received some backlash on social media, it plans to stand by its policy, which right now is paying off.