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Caribou, Bruegger's notify customers of possible data breach

Coffee & Bagel Brands notified their customers of a recent incident that may have included access to personal credit card information.
Caribou Coffee in Mall of America

If you've recently purchased a coffee or bagel at your local Caribou, you may want to keep an eye on your bank statements. 

Caribou Coffee, Bruegger's Bagels and Coffee & Bagel Brands alerted its customers Thursday about a recent incident that may have involved access to personal credit card information. 

The company posted letters on their website and sent emails to its customers alerting them to the situation. 

In that letter, they state, "On November 28, 2018, we identified unusual activity on our network through our information security monitoring processes. Upon identifying the issue, we began working with Mandiant, a leading cyber security firm, to understand the scope of the incident and determine whether there had been any unauthorized access."

Two days later, Mandiant reported to the company that some customers' data may have been exposed. 

A list of the Caribous affected can be found here

"At this time, we are confident that the breach has been contained," the company writes. 

Read the letters here:

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Bruegger's Bagels
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