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Changes to the THC law and their nuances

There was a market prior to the new law, but it was mostly unregulated.

ST PAUL, Minn. — Starting Friday, people over the age of 21 can purchase THC edibles and drinks. Many rejoiced after finding out about this, but there are nuances to the changes the law made.

THC products derived from hemp were available in stores like this before, except it was unregulated, and therefore did not have specific dosing requirements. Delta 8 gummies were sold in places like smoke shops etc.

Now, with this new law, there are a few more guidelines when it comes to how much THC can be in a single gummy.

Despite the changes, the "legalization" of edibles aspect brought dozens of people to Nothing But Hemp in St. Paul. The line stretched onto Grand Avenue in the late morning, with many folks shying away from the camera.

In the line, Jake Christensen stood, waiting his turn to enter the shop.

"I've been using using marijuana for a long time, and then been using Delta 8 here for a while," Christensen said. "I've been using Delta 9--I've just been outsourcing it from out of state."

Christensen says he's glad he doesn't have to do that anymore, with a neighborhood store legally selling THC delta 9 gummies.

"It's exciting for Minnesota and it's good revenue for the state," Christensen added. "I was ordering from a place in Montana for a while and paying for shipping as well. It's nice to have a local resource now."

CEO of Nothing But Hemp, Steven Brown, said they did have Delta 8 products prior to this new law kicking in.

"Which was very popular," Brown said, describing his experience with Delta 8. "With the new law in place, we got rid of a lot of the Delta 8 products we have, because they were over the milligrams that were allowed today."

Right now, the law allows five milligram of THC per gummy, 50 milligram total in a single pouch.

"Even a week ago a lot of these same products were sold in the state, sometimes even much higher milligram than today," Brown explained. "Some in some smoke shops were 100 milligram per serving. We brought that down to 5 milligram for consumer safety."

Both Brown and Christensen say five milligram might be all you need to feel a high or maybe less.

"Start off slow, they might eat half and work their way up from there, five milligram in my opinion is a microdose but everybody's endocannabinoid system is completely different when it comes to taking cannabinoids," Brown said.

"I use it for anxiety, and other mental health issues I've experienced in the past, helps ease a lot of stress for day to day," Christensen said. "And I'm a metal worker, so I am achy and tired at the end of the day. I've got sleep problems and this puts me to sleep real nice."

A pouch of 10 gummies with a total THC content of 50 milligram retails for $34.99 at Nothing But Hemp.

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