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Comcast cutting jobs in St. Paul; closing Minnetonka call center

Comcast claims it won't know the exact number of affected employees until early October.
Credit: AP

ST PAUL, Minn. — Comcast has announced it is cutting jobs at its St. Paul offices at 10 River Park Plaza.

Comcast claims it won't know the exact number of affected employees until early October.

The move shuts down the St. Paul location's onboarding and channel support departments, which are responsible for customer call center operations and internal support for the company's sales and marketing teams. 

Comcast states in an official release that it will attempt to migrate some of the St. Paul employees to new opportunities either within the same location or out-of-state, though it is unlikely all employees will be placed. 

Comcast representative Jill Hornbacher says, "With these changes, we will no longer need a physical site in Minnetonka. All of our employees in the Minnetonka call center will have the option to move to St. Paul and continue in their current role or apply for other positions within Comcast."

She also says current St. Paul employees affected by this decision will have the opportunity to do the following:

  • Take on new and different call center roles in the St. Paul call center
  • Move to Houston or Colorado Springs with relocation assistance and stay in their current role
  • Apply to other positions inside Comcast
  • Accept a severance package and outplacement assistance

Comcast's full statement regarding this layoff is below:

To Whom It May Concern: 

Please be advised that as part of a reorganization and consolidation of operations, Comcast will be closing certain operating units located at 10 River Park Plaza, St. Paul, MN 55107, resulting in a permanent layoff of certain Comcast employees who work at or report to that location.  Specifically, Comcast will be closing its Onboarding and Channel Support departments, which handle calls from customers related to new customers and support for our products, and internal support to the Sales & Marketing team primarily when it comes to order entry support.  

All eligible employees will have opportunities to transfer to different jobs at the same location, as noted in the paragraph below. However, it is expected that some employees will not be transferred and will be separated on December 14, 2019.  No bumping rights exist at this location.  

It is our intention to support all impacted employees as they take the next step in their career. There will be open positions with Comcast at the same St. Paul location available to all eligible employees, primarily in the Loyalty department which handles calls from existing customers and focuses on retention of those customers.  There will also be opportunities for eligible employees to transfer to a different Comcast location, possibly with a relocation benefit. If impacted employees are not able to secure a position with Comcast, they may be entitled to severance benefits.      

For further information, including the names, addresses and job titles of those whose employment may be separated, please contact Gillian Heaton at 720-267-5742. 


Gillian Heaton VP, Human Resources