MOUND, Minn. — Guess the ice-out date for Lake Minnetonka, and you could win a very spring-themed prize!

You can enter online here until Monday, April 1 at noon.

Jay Soule from Al & Alma's provided an update on the ice on March 14:

"The ice has suffered from all of the wind, rain, melting and the pressure of about a foot of standing water pooling on the surface of the ice. You can almost hear it melting.

Look closely at the clearness of the ice, which has begun to cloud. More importantly, the forming of tunnels is already well beginning due to the extreme water on the surface trying to find its way through. 

ice out march 14

Officially, we are calling it 26.5 inches, but at least 1 to 2 inches of that is very crumby surface ice.

Even though this weather is not ideal for many outdoor activities, it is definitely punishing the ice and moving us closer to open water!"

Out of all those who guess the correct date, one grand prize winner will be drawn at random to receive a boat cruise on Lake Minnetonka for 15 people, courtesy of Al & Alma's.

The average ice out date for the lake is April 14. Ice-out records date back to 1855 and last year's official ice-out declaration on May 5 tied the latest on record -- May 5, 1857.

The earliest Lake Minnetonka ice-out was on March 11, 1878.

View the official contest rules here.