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Cowboy Jack's, Cowboy Slims close Minneapolis locations, cite unrest

The two restaurants will remain closed until their parent company feels the City of Minneapolis can ensure the safety of guests and staff.

MINNEAPOLIS — The After Midnight Group - the parent company in charge of Cowboy Jack's in downtown Minneapolis near Target Field and Cowboy Slims in Uptown - announced the two restaurants closed as of Friday, June 26.

The parent company says they were issued a letter from the City of Minneapolis regarding recent unrest in each of the restaurant's respective neighborhoods, and were told to "educate" their patrons and staff of the heightened danger levels in the city.

The company says it received no assurances of safety from Minneapolis city officials, and ultimately made the decision to close up shop in the interest of employee and guest safety. 

Nearly 250 jobs will be impacted by this decision, according to The After Midnight Group, and will result in a potential loss of millions in revenue, state sales taxes and city sales taxes. 

According to the parent company, the two restaurants will remain closed until it feels the City of Minneapolis can ensure the safety of its guests and staff. As of now, there is no plan for the company to re-open the locations.

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