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Emergency curfew issued in Brooklyn Center, 100 arrests following Friday protests

Following dispersal orders, Operation Safety Net officials say protesters were cleared from the vicinity of the Brooklyn Center police department.


  • After a night of mostly peaceful protesting, escalating tensions led law enforcement to clear crowds outside Brooklyn Center PD and make arrests
  • The tension caused the City of Brooklyn Center to issue an emergency curfew from 11 p.m. Friday to 6 a.m. Saturday 
  • Demonstrators were outside Brooklyn Center PD on night six following the death of Daunte Wright
  • The City of Champlin has declared a citywide curfew from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Saturday, April 17

12:20 a.m. Public safety officials give briefing after protests

Public safety leaders operating under the umbrella of Minnesota's Operation Safety Net said about 100 arrests were made late Friday night, after rising tensions led law enforcement and National Guard members to disperse the protests outside the Brooklyn Center police department.

While law enforcement leaders say they had hoped to continue facilitating the more peaceful elements of the demonstrations with a more distanced approach, there were pockets of aggressive behavior that posed a threat to officers, as well as attempts to breach the station's outer ring of fencing, which spurred action from law enforcement to clear the immediate area.

Department of Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington says throughout the night, and particularly from 8 p.m. onward, officers came under threat from a variety of new individuals who began to approach and contest the area around the police department with items like baseball bats, plywood, shields and "liquid products." 

There were reports of some protesters shaking the perimeter fencing, while lobbing objects over the fence at officers on the other side.

Harrington outlined how attempts to breach the outermost ring of fencing by more belligerent protesters was handled with some amount of restraint, with officers repairing the breach and backing off rather than immediately proceeding to clear the area around the station.

Nevertheless, Harrington says more violent protesters continued to contest the area around the perimeter fencing, which led to law enforcement issuing roughly three dispersal orders, followed by a command to clear and secure the area surrounding the police department, which led to some arrests.

"This is a night that should have been about Daunte Wright ... recognizing his death and the tragedy that that is. Tearing down a fence, coming armed to a protest, is not in my mind fitting a peaceful protest," Harrington said.

Hennepin County Sheriff David Hutchinson echoed that sentiment saying, "We need to grieve. We don't need to have more problems with deputies hurt, with officers hurt."

Hutchinson says his office will make video available that details the types of weapons, objects, gear and munitions brought by more certain attendees at Friday night's protest.

Friday, April 16

10:40 p.m. Emergency curfew for Brooklyn Center after protests 

The City of Brooklyn Center has issued a curfew from 11 p.m. Friday to 6 a.m. Saturday after escalating tensions caused law enforcement to clear a protest outside the city's police department.  

10:30 p.m. Law enforcement continuing to secure area

As of 10:30 p.m., officials say they are still attempting to secure an area around the Brooklyn Center police department after protests took place for a sixth straight night, following the death of Daunte Wright, who was shot and killed by one of their former police officers. 

10:18 pm Arrests made

Officials say they have begun arresting protesters who did not adhere to multiple dispersal orders. 

10:05 p.m. Officers engaging elements of the crowd

OSN reports officers are now engaging crowd members that did not disperse from the vicinity around the police department.

Scenes from SKY 11 show multiple lines of law enforcement in riot gear, against a backdrop of police squad cars and National Guard vehicles.

Most demonstrators from an original crowd of hundreds appear to have scattered from the area.

10 p.m. Second dispersal order, increased security presence

Law enforcement have begun to beef up security near the perimeter fence, and have now issued a second dispersal order.

Officials say over 25 protesters have formed a wall of umbrellas near the fence, and report fireworks have been discharged, as objects continue to be thrown from the protesters.

 9:55 p.m. Police issue dispersal order

The situation has escalated amid repeated unlawful activity, with police now declaring the demonstration an unlawful assembly. Officials estimate the crowd has waned slightly to between 400 and 500 individuals. 

9:45 p.m. Perimeter fencing restored

Officials report that the outermost layer of perimeter fencing breached previously has been "re-established."

9:40 p.m. Crowd continues to grow, some unlawful activity reported

Officials now say the crowd has grown beyond at least 500 individuals, and though an accurate estimate is unattainable, officials seem to believe the true total lies between 500 and 1,000 individuals.  

Officials continue to note that some protesters are straying into unlawful activity, such as shining laser pointers into officers eyes and throwing objects over the fencing - with reports of a breach in the outermost layer of fencing around the police station. 

Officials say the interior fencing remains intact. 

This activity has prompted law enforcement to respond with flash bangs, and more of a presence near the fence.  

9:15 p.m. Officials say crowd grows beyond 400

Public safety officials with Minnesota's Operation Safety Net say the crowd of demonstrators outside the Brooklyn Center police department has now grown to more than 400 individuals.

Officials say some in the crowd continue to lob glass bottles over the perimeter fence, though the vast majority remain peaceful. 

9 p.m. Demonstration grows 

Minnesota public safety officials report the crowd of demonstrators has grown to more than 300 individuals. While officials say a "small number" of protesters have thrown glass bottles over the perimeter fence, the vast majority of individuals have remained peaceful.

8:30 p.m. Demonstrators return to police station 

After marching to the intersection of North Humboldt Avenue and Freeway Boulevard, the demonstrators have since returned to protest and chant outside the police station.

8 p.m. - Demonstrators begin marching

Demonstrators outside the Brooklyn Center Police Department marched to the intersection of North Humboldt Avenue and Freeway Boulevard near an FBI building.

6:30 p.m. - Demonstrators outside Brooklyn Center PD

A crowd of demonstrators is gathered outside of the Brooklyn Center police department, six days after former officer Kim Potter shot and killed Daunte Wright. A heavy law enforcement and National Guard presence can be seen on the other side of the police department's perimeter fencing.  Brooklyn Center Mayor Elliott earlier declared that no citywide curfew would be in effect Friday night.

5:30 p.m. - Brooklyn Center mayor: No curfew Friday night

Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott announced that there will be no citywide curfew Friday following several nights of unrest over the police killing of 20-year-old Daunte Wright.

Elliott's decision marks the first time since Sunday that a curfew hasn't been enacted in the city. It also comes as protesters plan a sixth night of demonstrations in Brooklyn Center.

"We have decided to take a different approach, the curfew will be lifted in Brooklyn Center for tonight," Elliott said. "With neighboring residents and businesses in mind, we continue to ask those wishing to participate in peaceful protests and demonstration, to do so safely." 

4 p.m. - Brooklyn Center mayor speaks with community leaders

Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott spoke with community leaders at Brooklyn Center High School following days of unrest, after Daunte Wright was shot and killed by a former Brooklyn Center police officer Kim Potter on Sunday. 

3 p.m. - City of Champlin declares nightly curfews through Sunday

Following recent unrest in the City of Brooklyn Center after the killing of Daunte Wright by a former Brooklyn Center police officer, The City of Champlin has declared curfews for Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m.

"Exceptions to this curfew will be made for those traveling to medical appointments or traveling to work, for law enforcement and emergency personnel, and for people fleeing dangerous situations," the city said in a press release.  

The city says it will revisit the need for curfews beginning next Monday.

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