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Do you still have back-to-school shopping to finish?

Here are some tips for getting those last few items.
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GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — Many students are starting the first day of school Tuesday, but for parents who haven't had the time (or forgot to buy a few things your students absolutely NEEDS), there may still be a shopping run in store.

Shopping for school can be fun, and a great opportunity to teach kids about planning, budgeting and developing good shopping habits. Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union offers these tips for a good experience:

  • Before heading out the door, determine a reasonable amount of money to spend - consider having the kids "earn" extra shopping money by doing chores around the house.
  • Together you and your child can draft a list of school needs and wants, then make sure that the list matches up to your budget.
  • Break supplies into categories: clothes, shoes, sports, supplies, and whatever else your child needs. Then budget a range of money to spend on each. 
  • Check around the house to see if you have any leftover supplies from last year that can be reused, or if there's anything you can upcycle or recycle for use this year. 
  • Make the shopping trip a game. Can your student find the best deals on the things they need? Maybe a bingo board of needed items, or some other game? 
  • Consider adding an activity to your shopping trip that's just pure fun. Maybe mini-golf, or a stop for ice cream? Keep the trip fun and memorable for everyone!

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Don't forget extra expenses!

It's easy to forget items like the school lunch account, activity or art class fees and supplies. Your child's school district may publish a list of extra costs. Check out the school website, or give the office a call if you have questions. 

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