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Edina school board race gets contentious and political

Although school board races are "non-partisan," many voters have aligned with three candidates perceived liberal, or three candidates perceived conservative.

EDINA, Minn — Edina has long been known for its highly-ranked public school district. 

But this year's school board race reflects deep-seated disagreement among parents about how the district is run and how the children are taught.

"It makes it very political," said Melissa Olson.

There are three open seats. And residents seem to have either settled on three candidates on one side - perceived as the liberal side - including current board chair Leny Wallen-Friedman; or three candidates on the other - perceived conservative side - including the grandson of hockey great Lou Nanne.

In recent years, conservative parents have complained that teachers are indoctrinating students with liberal viewpoints.

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"I'm really against that. I feel like the kids get so brainwashed. Then it furthers that when they get to college," said Kerry Carter.

They say because of misplaced focus, the school rankings have slipped, and some families are switching to private school.

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Parents on the other side say times are changing, and Edina's teachers are preparing kids for the larger world.

"And you can call that indoctrination, or you can call that curiosity and embracing change, which is coming to Edina," said Terri Smith.

The supposedly non-partisan race has been filled with allegations of character smears, outside money influence and yard sign theft. And in the end, some see the race and its results as a microcosm of politics beyond Edina. 

The polls close at 8 p.m. Tuesday.