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Fundraiser set to help 'Eggroll Queen' recover from theft

A fellow food truck operator started a GoFundMe for Mai Vang after thieves stole a generator and catalytic converter from their mobile kitchen.

ST PAUL, Minn. — A popular food truck operator is getting a "royal" assist from the community after thieves vandalized her mobile kitchen, stealing both a generator and catalytic converter from the vehicle. 

Mai Vang, known by colleagues as "The Eggroll Queen," was targeted by the crooks the evening of Dec. 29 while the truck was parked in Little Canada. A fellow food truck operator, Nick Kaufenberg, started a GoFundMe account for Vang to help her fix her vandalized truck. To this point, it has raised more than $10,000. 

"With everything they do and all that they rely on depending on the operation of this truck, they are put in a precarious situation," Kaufenberg explains in his GoFundMe post. "I am organizing this small effort to give back to two people who have given so much. Mai is a person who perseveres and will spin a negative situation into a positive. I want to help her turn this horrendous violation into a show of solidarity."

Vang is well-known in her East Side St. Paul community, both for her food and prolific fundraising for those in need. KARE 11 profiled her and her husband Chai Vang in March of 2020 for their efforts in filling the void faced by families whose children were missing school meals while forced to stay home during the pandemic. 

An article in the Pioneer Press last summer revealed how Vang helped raise funeral expenses for the family of a woman killed by her domestic partner, regularly cooks meals for the homeless and raises money for neighbors who have cancer and other ailments. She has been known to buy items at Salvation Army stores for families in need.  

Mai Vang told the Pioneer Press her goal in volunteering is to “create miracles for families.”

“People can be wonderful if you give them the chance,” she added. 

Those donating to the GoFundMe site seem to think Mai Vang is pretty wonderful as well. "We own a small company and have had eight catalytic converters stolen over the holidays. We wish you forget the “bad eggs” and know that most people are like you ~ hardworking, caring and kind! May you recover and continue your great cooking," one wrote. 

"The Egg Roll Queen deserves our support," added another supporter. "They were there during the pandemic taking care others. And don't forget, the egg rolls are amazing. Hope this helps!"

For more on the Eggroll Queen and her food truck, check out her website. 

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