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Fans frustrated ticket trouble kept them from Elton John show they waited years to see

Boucher, who's been an Elton John fan since she was a kid, got emotional when she was forced to listen to her favorite song while waiting in line in the lobby.

INDIANAPOLIS — Hundreds of Elton John Fans are frustrated after being turned away from his concert Friday night at Gainbridge Fieldhouse—a concert they had waited years to see. 

It happened because of an issue with their tickets. 

Miranda Boucher still can't believe what happened to her and her mother Friday night. What was supposed to be a fun night at the Elton John concert turned into a huge disappointment.

"We went to go through the line and scan our tickets and the little scanner thing turned red and they said, 'You'll have to go to the box office. There are some issues with your tickets,'" said Boucher.  

She quickly realized she was not the only person having this issue.

"The line of people…it was unreal. People were snaked around the entire lobby," said Boucher. 

Boucher has been an Elton John fan since she was a kid. She got emotional when she was forced to listen to her favorite song while waiting in line in the lobby.

"It was the frustration of the staff from the fieldhouse. There was just no communication with any of the ticket holders," Boucher claimed.

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In a statement, Gainbridge Fieldhouse said the ticket happened because of renovations that have taken place since tickets for the show first went on sale in 2018. The configuration of the seats changed, and some seats listed on old tickets didn't exist anymore. Gainbridge said its team communicated with ticket holders in advance and apologized for the experience some people had.

"Last night was the biggest mess. For Gainbridge to say they have been in regular communication with ticket holders, I never received an email from them saying there might be an issue," said Boucher.

Many ticket holders like Boucher paid hundreds - some even thousands - of dollars and are not expecting to see refunds.  

"That's people's hard-earned money. We paid to see a show. We should see a show," said Boucher. 

Instead, they were out like a candle in the wind. 

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Fans who were affected by the ticket changes are being instructed to "reach out to their original point of purchase or the Gainbridge Fieldhouse box office at boxoffice@pacers.com," officials said in the tweet.

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