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After Chauvin trial begins, Twin Cities community discusses emotional impact

After the Derek Chauvin trial began, a local organizer met virtually with people from the Twin Cities as they processed their emotions around the case.

MINNEAPOLIS — People across the Twin Cities logged onto a Zoom meeting to express their real feelings after watching the start of the Derek Chauvin trial.

After seeing the video of Chauvin holding his knee on George Floyd's neck again, many participants realized they're experiencing the same emotions again.

"I want people to live in truth, live in reality, and really talk, talk it out," said James Trice.

James Trice helped organize the meeting on Zoom and opened it up to the public as a community-wide conversation. He believes Minnesotans are hurting as the Twin Cities relive George Floyd's death during the trial. Now that the world is hearing Chauvin's side through his defense attorney, community leaders can share the impact with others who may experience the same emotions.

Trice is the founder of the Public Policy Project, and he hopes to empower people to take responsibility for improving their social status. He believes some of the tragedies that are now happening in the black community, for example, can be attributed to despair and hopelessness, possibly fueled by the incident involving Chauvin and Floyd. 

Trice stresses that it doesn't excuse bad or criminal behavior, but it may lend to the cause and effect.

"I started the Public Policy Project because I wanted to make sure decisions about black people are for black people should be made by black people," said Trice.

Trice considers their first trial reaction open Zoom a success, and hopes to reach even more people as the trial continues.

"Black and Brown people need to have their voices heard on every issue that impacts their lives," said Trice.

The goal of the Public Policy Project is to demand and promote justice. You can learn more here.

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