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George Perry Floyd Jr. Place: Minneapolis to consider commemorative street name at 38th and Chicago

The proposal details a plan to place a commemorative sign declaring the blocks between 37th Street East and 39th Street East "George Perry Floyd Jr. Place."

MINNEAPOLIS — The Minneapolis City Planning Commission will consider adding a commemorative street name in honor of George Floyd to a stretch of Chicago Avenue near the place of his death.

A land use application filed by the Minneapolis Public Works Department details the proposal, which will be discussed at a previously planned meeting of the commission August 3. That proposal details a plan to place a commemorative sign declaring the blocks between 37th Street East and 39th Street East "George Perry Floyd Jr. Place." The commemorative sign would not replace the existing street designations, but be in addition to them. 

"The name is intended to honor George Perry Floyd Jr., who was killed on May 25, 2020. The street is and will remain public right-of-way. The commemorative name addition will not affect addressing on the street. The signage to indicate the commemorative street naming will be placed at the intersection of 38th St E and Chicago Ave only," reads a portion of the project description. 

Comments from a number of residents in the surrounding neighborhood support the gesture to honor Floyd. "I would like to share my support for the commemorative street name. I live in the Bancroft Neighborhood and I believe we need to recognize and take responsibility to things that happen in our city," read one email. 

"I received the notice in the mail about renaming a portion of Chicago Avenue after George Floyd and I just want to say that I ENTHUSIASTICALLY SUPPORT that measure, and probably 90% of my neighbors do, too! ," reads another comment. "We have been meeting on a weekly basis since the murder and we would be glad to testify that we wholeheartedly support this proposed change."

There are those, however, who do not support the commemorative declaration in honor of Mr. Floyd. 

"Now mind you Mr. Floyds' life indeed mattered, and the crime that was committed against him must be dealt with," wrote a longtime Bancroft resident. "However, I see no need to change the name of the street, be it 2 blocks, or the entire street, there is no reason to turn Mr.Floyd into a martyr. Mr. Floyd did not deserve to die in such a way, but he also is not someone who deserves martyrdom."

The application from the Public Works Department recommends that the planning commission, and the Minneapolis City Council vote in favor of the commemorative designation.

George Floyd died at the intersection of 38th Street East and Chicago Avenue on May 25, with the knee of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin on his neck. Chauvin and three other officers are criminally charged in Floyd's death.