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Gov. Walz promises to restore order after night of rioting

Governor Tim Walz held a news conference Friday after another night of violence and looting in the Twin Cities.

MINNEAPOLIS — Governor Walz stood with the leaders of the Minnesota National Guard and Department of Public Safety to say they did not get the coordination they needed -- and didn't even get the authorization to enforce the law in Minneapolis until after midnight.

Governor Tim Walz says he's in charge now. And on Friday night, he promised that buildings will not be burning down before they act.

"My top priority now is the immediate security to make sure what happened the last 48 hours does not happen tonight," said Gov. Walz.

So why did it take two very destructive nights of chaos -- millions of dollars destroyed -- buildings burned to the ground including the Minneapolis Police Department's Third Precinct --- before the National Guard took action?

"I can't just march my soldiers down into Minneapolis and say hey this is what Jon Jensen believes we need to do," said Major General Jon Jensen of the Minnesota National Guard.

"The way this works, is the mayors ask, and they take charge and lead on the missions."

Governor Walz says Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey did not give him the go-ahead to use the National Guard until 12:15 a.m. Two hours after the precinct was abandoned. Walz says Frey told him yesterday morning they would give up the precinct.

"That's where we did not believe the third should be given up and that's why it's not and that area by the force we put together starting at 12:15 a.m. -- executed at 3:40 a.m.

The one topic that continued to be discussed was the lack of clarity and a lack of a mission and a description of exactly what the Minnnesota National Guard needed to do.

Major General Jon Jensen says it is the job of city leaders to give that direction, and it was missing.

Walz says tonight will be different.

“You will not see that tonight. There will be no lack of leadership. And there will be no lack of response on the table," said Gov. Walz.

Mayor Jacob Frey has not responded. He canceled an arranged interview with KARE 11 when the reporter arrived.

St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter activated the national guard at 5 p.m. yesterday after hours of looting in that city.

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