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Security plans underway ahead of Chauvin trial

Derek Chauvin's trial is set to begin March 8th.

MINNEAPOLIS — Next month, the most high-profile court case in recent memory is set to begin right here in the Twin Cities.

Derek Chauvin will go on trial in the death of George Floyd, and security for that trial has become a major topic of conversation.

State leaders are pulling out all the stops offering what they call a first class response to prevent crime and keep the peace.

"While we can't anticipate every single event, there's certainly things that we can and prepare accordingly for," said Minnesota Governor Tim Walz. 

Gov. Walz outlined a $35 million dollar Safety Act proposal on Wednesday, that would serve as a reimbursement mechanism for local governments who lend a helping hand amid crisis.

The proposal's price tag is estimated at $35 million. ST PAUL, Minn. - Gov. Tim Walz has pitched a new public safety budget proposal to help pay for potential increased law enforcement costs starting this spring.

"The need to be there and to have mutual aid agreements is going to be critical going forward," said Governor Walz. 

For months now, leaders with the state Department of Public Safety have been working directly with the FBI and the joint Terrorism Task Force to ensure safety. 

However, it's not just public safety at stake. The well-being of the defendant and and his attorney are also top of mind, as looming threats become more evident.

"We had one of our attorneys, Tom Plunkett, who was surrounded by a mob and they did damage to his truck," said Brian Peters, Executive Director of Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association. 

Peters went on to say, "there is a robust plan to make sure that... that happens as well and we're coordinating with Hennepin County on that issue."

With just weeks to spare, state leaders say they are confident in their safety measures. 

"Justice will be served in our courts as it should be," said Governor Walz. He went on to say, "we can protect first amendment rights and we can make sure public safety is adhered to."

Chauvin's trial is set to begin March 8th. 

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