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Heating expert offers tips to maintain your furnace as temperatures drop

The recent spate of subzero temps has forced some to finally invest big in furnace upkeep. We spoke with one expert, who laid down some tips to keep things running.

MINNEAPOLIS — The recent cold stretch has air and heating technicians working in overdrive.

"This has probably been the busiest we've been all winter season," said Claire Ferrara, Owner of Standard Heating and Air Conditioning.

This should come as no surprise considering old man winter has delivered a week's worth, and then some, of subzero temps.

It's left us all in a deep freeze, forcing some to finally invest big in furnace upkeep.  

"Anyone who was waiting on a repair, they're really ready to get that done now. Sometimes, you know, the equipment that was teetering on the edge of working...it stops working when it has to work this hard," said Ferrara.

Furnace experts with Standard Heating and Air Conditioning say there are several things to take into account in order to keep your home nice and toasty.

It all starts with a furnace filter check, which experts say should be changed seasonally. 

"You can pull it out and see if it's full you know of dust and dirt and gunk," said Ferrara. "If that gets plugged up, it will restrict the airflow and your equipment could shutdown."

If you have a home heated by an efficiency furnace which uses PVC pipes to vent out of your home, they have some advice for that too.

"Go outside to where the venting comes out of your house and take a look and make sure there's no ice build up or snow blocking that venting," said Ferrara. 

Experts say regular cleanings and tune ups will alleviate most issues, preventing any ruptures or leaks which could put the safety of your home and family in jeopardy.