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Jury selection begins in Firkus trial

Nicholas Firkus faces first- and second-degree murder charges in connection to the 2010 death of his wife, Heidi Firkus.

ST PAUL, Minn. — Jury selection has begun in the case of Nicholas Firkus. The prosecution and defense seated three jurors on Tuesday, while looking for a total of 12.

Firkus' case goes back to April 25, 2010. At the time, 38-year-old Nicholas Firkus had told investigators that he and his wife Heidi were attacked by an intruder who wrestled his shotgun from him — and shot Heidi in the back.

A sketch artist and Firkus created a composite of the alleged intruder shortly after Heidi was killed, who looked very similar to a known St. Paul burglar at that time.

With no significant DNA evidence... Heidi's murder went unsolved for 11 years. Then in May 2021, Firkus was charged with first- and second-degree murder after police said a "fresh set of eyes" looked at the case.

Prosecutors say Heidi was killed the day before they were set to be evicted from their home, which they say is something Heidi didn't know about.

Prosecutors also want to use Firkus' second wife as a witness, to show he lied, concealed financial problems, and used financial control with her, just like he did with Heidi.

Firkus has pleaded "not guilty," and his attorney has called the case "completely circumstantial."

Jury selection continues throughout this week.

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