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Embrace Minnesota: Get outside and enjoy nature

Local experts "push" the healthy benefits of exercising in the fresh air.

PLYMOUTH, Minnesota — In honor of Earth Day, a time when our communities come together to plant trees, clean up trash on our streets and roadways, and commit to reducing waste, why not embrace Minnesota and get outside? 

Fitness experts say the proven benefits of exercising outdoors are immense. Studies show that exercising in the fresh air can boost vitamin D levels, improve your mood and decrease feelings of depression. 

A study done at the Center for Environment, Health and Field Sciences shows that even spending time in a forested environment can lower blood pressure, heart rate and cortisol levels.

So, grab your sneakers, maybe a trash bag or two and embrace this amazing state we call home. For more information on PUSH Fitness, visit their website or call them at 314-659-PUSH (7874).