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Four steps to raising more mindful children

Local parenting expert says when kids are mindful, they can manage their feelings in healthy ways.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota — Most parents can recall a time when their child was stressed or overwhelmed and on the verge of tears or a tantrum. 

We can see that our children are struggling, and we want to help. We may feel the urge to talk them out of what they’re feeling or distract them, when “going in” to what they are feeling might actually serve them better. 

Mindfulness is one tool that can help our children increase their awareness of what they are feeling and take steps to manage those emotions in healthy ways. 

Here with practical tips for helping your children learn mindfulness is family nurse practitioner and parenting coach, Dr. Erin Erickson, co-host of the weekly podcast Mom Enough:


• Notice and name your own emotions and sensations 

• Ask your child what they are feeling in their body

• Teach them simple tools for tuning in and relaxing

• Engage Existing Tools to Support Your Efforts

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