Minnesota winters are a challenge to even the most die-hard fitness enthusiast: When the mercury drops it's easier to curl up on the couch with a blanket than bundle up and head to the gym.

Before you know it, there's an extra 5 or 10 pounds on your frame to take off when spring rolls around again.

Well, it doesn't have to be that way. Connie Sheehan and Myrika Schneider from PUSH Fitness dropped by KARE 11 at 11 Monday to explain how your fitness routine can be adapted to Minnesota's cold climate. 

  • Layer Up, Warm Up, Drink Up: A little planning goes a long way to keep you safe while exercising in the cold. Make sure to wear multiple (dry) layers that you can easily remove as you get warmer. Do a proper warm up incorporating dynamic movement versus static to avoid injury, as your body is more prone to this is colder weather. AND…Don’t forget to hydrate! You might not feel as thirsty as you would working out in warmer temperatures, but you are still sweating so make sure to drink up. 
  • Encourage Group Participation: You’ll likely be spending more time with family and friends during the holidays, so why not encourage them to join in on your fitness fun. You’ll bond, burn calories and be able to eat all of the goodies without all of the guilt.
  • It Only Takes a Few Minutes: There a multiple health benefits to working out in the outdoors besides just keeping off those extra pounds. According to the CDC just a few minutes of outdoor activity each day can prevent simple bacterial and viral infections.

PUSH Fitness does boot camp classes, even in the winter months. To find out more, visit their website.