PLYMOUTH, Minn. — Smart lighting is getting “smarter” in 2019! From millions of color choices to bulbs that can be customized based on our daily schedules, the latest lighting trends can do more than just brighten up our spaces. 

Local lighting expert Eric Rydberg is with the Energy Management Collaborative. Rydberg says LED lighting is more expensive up front, but the bulbs last much longer, bringing down the total cost of ownership. He adds you can get discounts on LED bulbs. Some stores and even power companies offer rebates for smart lighting options, too. Rydberg says the best advice is to research before you buy.

Below are some LED lighting trends for both home and office.

Millions of colors

  • More LED bulb makers are creating bulbs or LED strips that offer millions of color options - up to 16 million, to be exact.
  • From bright to subtle shades, these lights can be programmed to create the exact mood you want.
  • These also offer “tunable whites," which means you can customize how cool, warm, or bright the white light can be.
  • The best part is you can adjust the settings all from an app on your phone or through voice systems like Google home.

Human-centric lighting

  • This trend is all about how lighting can be used to improve our vision, productivity, and well-being.
  • Many businesses have installed systems so they can tailor light levels in their stores or factories in such a way that it can optimize employee productivity and safety.

Smarter controls

  • Like the bulbs, the controls themselves continue to get "smarter" and more advanced, too.
  • Now designers are connecting those outdoor lights to video doorbell systems, so when someone rings your doorbell, it turns on the outside lights.
  • Companies are also working on smart wall plugs that can help you control everything from your lamps to your Christmas tree lights through voice commands or via an app.

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